Phil the Tree (Woodturner, Druid, plantsman)

Wendy Andrew (Artist)

Catherine Hyde (artist and illustrator)

Tamsin Abbott (stained glass artist)

Jackie Morris (artist, illustrator and author)

Pamela Thom-Rowe (hand dyed, spun and knitted wool)

Jaine Rose (illustrator and textile artist)

Jackie Juno (poet and workshop facilitator)

Earth Pathways Diary

Glennie Kindred (writer and workshop facilitator)

Angie Rooke (landscape artist)

Philippa Day (textiles)

Debbie Hall (Willow work)

Andrew Fusek-Peters (photography)

Flora MacLachlan (printmaker and artist)

Elaine Peto (ceramic sculptures of animals)

Jane Johnson (Writer and editor)

John and Fiona Owen (artists)

Jack Beaumont (3D artist)

Rima Staines (artist)