Spring is nearly here! Hooray!

Spring is nearly here! Hooray!

Spring is nearly here! Hooray! Although I love living where I do here on the farm, the winter is hard. We have no central heating and only a small Rayburn for heat, which we stoke every morning as our breath fills the air with dragon breath and the cats sit huddled by the one radiator we leave on as low heat…

Proud henSpring is the great awakening, I can remove the three or four layers of clothes I live in over the winter months and realise I’m not really as fat as I felt! 😉 I can hear the birds chirruping happily, the blossom starts to bud on the old cherry plum by the house and the constant wiping of dog paws as they come into the house eases off as the mud dries and the grass grows greener. Spring equinox brings light to the orchard and to my small wooden workshop and at last, I feel a great sigh of happiness as the sun shines and the chickens bimble in the orchard. At last!

I’m working on some new silver designs this spring and have returned closer to the style I used to have, small silver shapes with a story or landscape illustrated upon it, and prose on the back linking it all together. Badger, bear, hare and deer will arrive soon, and I’ve a new horse a new owl and a dragon waiting to be born into silver…

A million stars countingAlso developing this year is my artwork. After learning to paint sacred icons last year, I’m gradually bringing this into my work. Learning the symbolism of the gold and the egg tempera paint has brought me in a new direction with new ideas and a wish to link my artwork and silver more closely together. Using gold with paint and pencils, adding words and prose, bringing the connection and remembering into the artwork more than ever, I want to create small treasures that sit quietly in a room, calling you to look within, delve deeper into the past and remember…

This year I have a solo exhibition late summer at Obsidian Gallery near Aylesbury where I will be taking over the gallery for three weeks late summer with a few invited artist friends, more details to follow. Before that though I have a couple of weeks exhibiting with the wonderful glass artist Tamsin Abbott at Lion House a Gallery in Lavenham Suffolk. This exhibition is tentatively named Wild Wild Woods, and so lots of inspiration is coming through for this exciting show.

Firstly though, in may I will be shown my work on a stall for the first time in years… And probably the last time too (way too stressful!) Harefest is a small event organised by the Hare Preservation Trust and I’m going along to support the day and sell my wares… Maybe see you there! Details to follow… 🙂

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